How does hypnotherapy work?

The process of hypnotherapy is not as complicated as you might think. As a client you will be helped by the hypnotherapist into a very deep relaxed state. This state is where the brain waves slow down, similar to when we go to sleep, however you will not go to asleep.  You will be conscious and in complete control throughout the whole process. The point at which your brain waves meet Theta level (this is the scientific part) is when you are in deep relaxation, known as the hypnotic state, and ready to receive the positive suggestions from the hypnotherapist. These positive suggestions will be based on what you discuss with your therapist and tailored specifically to your needs. These messages will be taken on by the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious, holds on to these positive suggestions and that is why the results of hypnotherapy can very long lasting. An ideal example of this is demonstrated when people want to give up the habit of smoking (smoking cessation); often, clients who have hypnotherapy to help them give up smoking, do stop smoking altogether and are very unlikely to relapse. 

Following a session hypnotherapy, my clients nearly always report feeling very relaxed, refreshed and carrying with them a sense of calm. Hypnotherapy is a good example of using the body’s natural abilities (states of consciousness) to make long lasting positive changes. At Better in Therapy I aim to see my clients reach a point of progression towards the change they are looking for. The beginning of positive change happens relatively quickly in hypnotherapy for many of my clients.


I visited Amanda today for hypnotherapy and she really was so calming and welcoming. I felt at ease the entire time and have been so very relaxed since my treatment. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Amanda